Chiropractors in Racine WI Can Help Relieve Migraine And Tension Headaches

Have you suffered from a headache that just will not go away? It can become unbearable if the pain gets too strong or remains for several days. Many times, it is nerve irritation that is the primary cause of headache pain. While medications will sometimes relieve the pain, you may hesitate to continue taking heavy duty medications. When you are looking for a new treatment for headache pain, chiropractic care may be the answer.

Millions of people suffer from severe, recurring tension and migraine headaches. Each of these individuals will spend money trying to find relief from the incredible pain caused by these headaches. Some will try over-the-counter medications while others will ask their doctor for prescription drugs. For some of these people, medication will work. For others, medication will provide a temporary relief from pain if any relief at all. These individuals may suffer from a continuous cycle of pain without any hope of relief.

For these people, there may be some good news. Recent research studies have found a link between migraine headaches and nerve irritation. This nerve irritation is often caused by muscle contractions at the base of the neck. There are very sensitive fibers located at the neck’s base. These fibers lead to the spinal cord and the brain, so when muscle contractions impact these fibers, it may cause severe migraines or tension headaches. Another study indicated that some people who suffer from migraines have spinal vertebrae which are misaligned. These vertebrae can place pressure on the nerves of the spine, resulting in headaches.

Racine Chiropractors will typically approach headache treatment from two directions. The first is to eliminate the pressure on these spinal nerves and the second is to relieve pressure on nerves resulting from tight muscles. These strategies work for many headache sufferers. If you have tried medication or other headache treatments and have found no relief, visit our chiropractor clinic, or our Chiropractor in Racine Facebook Page.

tension-head-aches-can-be-relieved-by-a-chiropractorHeadaches are often caused by misaligned vertebrae. A chiropractor will gently correct the alignment of the vertebrae which may help relieve the headache pain. There are many causes of vertebrae misalignment. Accidents such as a fall or a vehicle accident can create vertebrae misalignments. Poor posture, as well as extreme stress, can also cause problems with your spine. Headache sufferers will often also experience stiffness and neck pain.

When you visit a chiropractor, they will do an evaluation and perhaps an x-ray. They may do a few physical tests to determine the cause of your headaches. Once they determine the cause, they will then create a treatment plan. This plan may include spinal manipulation, massage therapy, or other types of natural treatment. It is important to consider continuing chiropractic care even after your pain disappears. This is because even when you pain is gone, your body will still be healing. Continuing chiropractic care will help ensure your spine remains healthy.

Chiropractic care can help relieve migraine and tension headache pain. Adjustments by a chiropractor will help keep your vertebrae in the right positions so you can continue to be pain-free.